Monday, July 26, 2010

We’ve Arrived!!!

We may have wondered if it would ever happen – especially while driving through our “favorite” state that starts with an M and ends with a “issouri” – but it did.  WE HAVE ARRIVED IN SOUTH DAKOTA.

Clearly that statement needed to be in all caps.

But before we arrived, we had a whole morning and afternoon to fill our time.  We began this morning with worship in the small chapel at West Hills Presbyterian Church.  They usually have an 8:15 service we were going to attend but have cancelled that service for the next few weeks (summer low attendance.)


So it was seminarian Marie to the rescue.  We whipped out some fun energizers and songs and then she came up with – basically on the fly – a wonderful sermon on the text we’d be reading tonight at our “club” time.  Go Marie!

Following worship we headed out and began our last leg of the journey here.  Today’s drive consisted of what have become the basics:

A stop for coffee and other drinks,


lunch with a chance to run around a nice rest area, getting some feeling back in our legs and rears,


the occasional touristy photo,


and of course, napping.


And then it happened… we pulled up to a parking lot and stopped for more than just an hour and got out more than just the stuff we needed for the night.  We were greeted immediately by the YouthWorks stuff: Tina, Gina, Calvin (go head, Presbys, snicker now), and David.  They are WONDERFUL. They helped us get settled and showed us to our room.


We played some games,


made some new friends,


and even did a little work.


We had orientation and some God time where we talked about what we needed to leave behind in order to let God in.

Because that’s why we’re here – finally.  To be like Jesus.


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