Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Two

Oh Omaha, how we love you!

Missouri, on the other hand…

Our day began with some saying goodbye to the wonderful people who hosted us last night.



The good folks at First United Presbyterian Church housed us, feed us, and even let some of us go kayaking!  We’re so glad to have new friends – friends we will definitely stay with again if we come this way.

We said goodbye to our friends and then HELLO to the Arch.



I’ve driven by quite a few times but never gone in.  Well, now we all have!  Some of us were pretty impressed with the ride…



Or the view…



Or the gift shop…


But all in all – even if it didn’t dance and sing – it’s nice to have had the experience.


Following our visit to the gateway to the West – how could we not go dip our toes in the Mississippi?


We said goodbye to St. Louis and headed West and North to our final stop for the day – Omaha, Nebraska. Of course, to get to Omaha, we had to pass through Missouri… and more Missouri… and more Misseri. 

All that Missouri sort of got to us:


Finally, we made it, ate some pizza, played some games, devoted, and crashed.

Tomorrow we finally arrive in South Dakota and our YouthWorks adventure begins.  Keep us in your prayers!

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Becky said...

So glad to hear you are all safe. You're in my prayers, I'm thinking about you all. Enjoy your time. LOVE,