Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Way to South Dakota

Bright and early this morning – wait, scratch that – dark and early this morning, parents and grandparents said so long to 14 youth and their 5 brave adult leaders as they began the long trek to South Dakota. 


Hello West Virginia – Goodbye West Virginia.  Hello Kentucky – Goodbye Kentucky.  Hello Indiana – Goodbye Indiana.  Hello Illinois – wait, we get stop here.  St Louis is within sight (we spotted the arch on our way in) but we have paused our journey (after 13 1/2 hours of travel) for the night.  The First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville is our host this evening – and boy – is it a great treat!  We have been divided up into five groups (an adult and 2-3 kids per group) and are snoozing at church member’s houses.  I can’t speak for others yet but our hosts: offered us cookies, chips and salsa, limeaid, games, good conversation, FAB showers, comfy beds, internet access, tea, and exceptional warmth.  And of course, tomorrow morning, there will be coffee.

Along the way today we played games, listened to a book on tape, learned about various historical events and significance of places we passed, slept, and talked.  We have been VERY grateful for the wonderful snacks and other goodies our church family provided us. 


Thank you all so much for your prayers.  We’ll try and keep you updated as internet access allows!

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