Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have said it before and I'll say it again - this church is my family. I love all my wonderful brothers and sisters, love being with you in the good times and the hard, working with you for God's kingdom. I have been so excited about the upcoming 50th anniversary - I'm a sucker for big anniversaries like that, the history and the future they represent. I've been looking forward to meeting all these people I've heard about over my time here, those that will be coming back for the celebration.

And then a wrench got thrown in all those plans. My sister - the opera singer - is graduating from San Fransisco Conservatory this year which means her big recital is in the spring. This recital as best as I understand it is something akin to my ordination - the big moment that is the culmination of all your effort over the years. And this recital is the evening before the church's anniversary Sunday.

Two places I want to be, two events I want to celebrate, and not even a red-eye flight option to help me be at both. It pains me that I can't be at both and I've been trying to think of some solution that will allow me to do the impossible - be two places at once. After speaking with several members, all my co-workers, and the family, I know what I'm going to do. I'll be in California, celebrating with my baby sister, and missing all of you. It's easy to say family comes first, but so hard when both events I want to be at involve my family. But, as one of the members of the 50th Anniversary Team said - the church will still be here, going strong and serving God; Beth's event is truly once in a lifetime.

Come April I'm sure I'll be even more sadden by the unfortunate timing of everything but I'm pretty bummed right now. Still, I know that we'll be celebrating more than just one day and while I'll miss the big Sunday, I won't miss the 50th year nor the years to come. That's a comfort and a blessing. And maybe, just maybe, someone will save me some cake! :)

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