Saturday, November 01, 2008

The End Is Near

As I’m typing these words I am profoundly aware that when you read these words something big will have happened in our world: the next president of this nation will have been elected. After months and months (and months) of ads, hype, polls, debates, rallies, signs, and more, all the pre-election events and talk will be over and we’ll be on our way to a new era for our nation. What will that look like? I don’t think anyone really knows but I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about the inauguration, the first 100 days, and then mid-term elections... and then reelection. While I know many of us are looking forward to Nov 4th and the end of this long election season it represents, I’m also reminded that all the news and hype are never really over.

Along with an election, this week is bringing another big event: Youth Sunday. This Sunday at both services, our Senior High Youth will lead us in worship. The scripture they have been working with is one many of us are familiar with – Amos 5:18-24. They have spent the last two months talking about this passage, about how we often live in worldly ways instead of Godly ones, and what we can do to live more as God would have us live.

Worldly ways verses Godly ways seems to be an appropriate theme right now. No matter who has won the election there will be those who are ecstatic and those who are crushed. It would be very easy to find yourself gloating or griping, continuing the “us versus them” mentality of an election season. But that would be the worldly way. Instead of continuing to focus on division, we—Democrats, Republicans, Independents—should join together for the good of our community and country. We can continue to serve those in need, offer compassion to those who suffer, and listen for where and how God is calling us to help and heal our world. What’s more, and perhaps for some of us what may be harder, we can pray for our next president. No matter our politics, we can all ask God’s guidance, wisdom, courage, and strength for the person we have elected as president.

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