Monday, January 07, 2008

a monday afternoon

I adore living in Staunton and I most particularly appreciate the wonderful opportunities this town gives me to meet and make new friends. Now, yes, I happen to be an extra-amiable woman, but I do think there’s something about this town that makes it easy to strike up conversations with people at, say, your local coffee shop and by the end of the conversation, make plans for lunch!

This afternoon as I’ve forced myself to finish the youth calendar (I have trouble committing to dates for certain activities) I also made a new friend – another minister in the area (Lutheran). How wonderful that it’s not strange here (at least I hope not) for me to just go up and introduce myself upon overhearing her career.

I love the museums, the ballet, the many areas of exploration big cities offer but nothing can beat moments like the one I had this afternoon.

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