Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white thursday

I love snow days!

Didn't really have them much as a kid - in Texas school got cancelled for floods much more often than it did for odd white stuff falling from the sky. Yesterday I got up planning on driving to Harrisonburg for a CPM meeting only to discover I wouldn't be driving my car anywhere that day! A snow day for me is a lovely unexpected gift; instead of sitting in an all day meeting (which has its own merits, to be sure), I got to run about and enjoy the wonder of a blanket of snow.

I've spoken to several friends and run into a few church members today. It seems many of us ran outside, made snowmen and women, went sledding, made snow angels, sipped hot cocoa, got together with friends – just enjoyed the day. We rush about so often and miss things like rays of the sun glistening on freshly fallen snow – I’m as guilty of that as anyone. It’s rather nice when the sky opens up and forces us to slow down, stop even, and just appreciate what’s before us.

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