Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've recently taken up walking in the park (almost) daily. It's good to get some exercise but I really love the chance to people watch, listen to music, and/or spend time with God that walking for an hour or so gives me. I've been so good at keeping up with this practice that my body starts to crave it during midday. My muscles get excited - "come on, Amy, use us!" - and I just can't wait for my walk. When days are too busy (like today, for example) and I really can't fit a walk in, it's tough. While my brain may be fully committed to whatever I'm doing, the rest of my body is trying to get me outdoors and moving. It's kinda nice to know that the time I spend walking has become so integral to my day that I'm experiencing withdrawls! A good reminder that taking time for yourself is a necessary thing indeed.

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