Saturday, August 27, 2005

Movin' on up

Last night I spoke with a good friend of mine from seminary who just moved into his new house. In between hearing him tell his new dog Yogi not to eat his own poop, I listened to my friend Ed talk about his place and how he was making it his home. It was nice to listen to Ed talk about what he was doing because I've been trying to figure out the same thing.

I love my new apartment - it's a great location and great space. But it is kinda weird - all this space with just me in it. I lived in a house about the size of my apartment (actually a little smaller) when I was in seminary. But I lived there with 2 other women. I love my place but it doesn't exactly feel like my place. How do you make that transition? How do you take a house and make it a home?

After thinking about this for a bit I've decided to christen the apartment with a marathon of my favorite tv show (which is going to take awhile since there are 144 episodes). As silly as that might seem, I started watching this show in high school and kept watching into seminary. I have memories of my girlfriends gathering together in one room, squeezing in past fire code regulations, so we could watch together. I have memories of my friend Stuart and I eating soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and watching an episode here and there on rainy days. Sure, it's just a tv show, but it brings with it all those memories. And that's what I want in my new space, in my home - the memories of friends and family. The laughter, the tears (you better believe we cried while watching on occasion!), all of it. This marathon is a way for me to bring them in.

So if you call me or stop by during the next several weeks and I say - hold on, let me pause Buffy - don't be surprised! And if you do stop by, really don't be surprised if I try to get you to stay and watch some with me. I want to bring in those old memories, but I want to make some new ones too!

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