Monday, May 02, 2011

and the news is...

If you haven’t been able to get to church this week you may have missed out on my big news—I’m getting married! Easter Monday my boyfriend David Fetterman asked me to marry him and I had the good sense to say “Yes!”

Dave and I met last year and hit it off immediately; I knew a man who can talk physics as well tell puns was worth spending time with! He was born in Waynesboro, the eldest of four siblings, and has lived in this area for most of his life. David works for Augusta County schools in the IT department. I’m quite blessed to have found a man who can help my with my computer – as well as cook, garden, make me laugh. As a newly engaged woman, I could certainly go on!

We plan on getting married in Richmond in a small family wedding after Christmas. During the next eight months, Dave and I will be acclimating to life as an engaged couple as Dave also gets to acclimate to life as a pastor’s partner. My Covenant family has been beyond wonderful in embracing me as both a pastor and a friend. You have already begun to make him feel welcome and I know you will continue to do so. Let’s pray he doesn’t get too overwhelmed by all the love!

Thank you for all your well-wishes and prayers.


Wendy said...

Congratulations (and my partner also works for a county schools IT depart,net and the computer help is awesome! And I consider myself pretty computer adept.)

liz said...

Woohoo! congratulatins Amy! Exciting news.xx