Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Great Snow of Saturday


Praise the Lord for good friends!  I hope all of you are nice and toasty with loved ones this evening.  For the second night in a row, I am camped out at my friend Cassy’s house where we have entertained ourselves with reading, Doctor Who, and lots and lots of snow shoveling. 

Don’t believe me about the last part? Here’s proof!



Yes, I am in fact wearing plastic bags on my feet.  Though I have been warned more than once that the previous winters I’ve experience here were mild in comparison, I never believed quite enough to go out and buy snow boots.  Thank goodness for ingenuity.  And for a friend who keeps those bags for her dog’s, uh, constitutionals.

After some (read: tons!) of shoveling, we tried to play in the snow.

I fell down.


A lot.


A lot a lot.


Did you know snow could be too deep for sledding?  Cassy and I found out the fun way!


As much fun as a snow day with a great friend is, we are both more than a little sad to miss out on another friend’s big day.  Our dear friend J is getting married tonight.  Actually, as I’m writing this, he should already be married!  Lots of his guests and even his officiant were trapped by the snow – including us.  Being two strong willed independent women, we weren’t going to let a little snow stop us from celebrating with our friend.

What, snow you say? I laugh in the face of snow!


Cheers to J and Amanda.  We love you!


And sound, safe night to all of you!

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