Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Small Group Seder

This last Monday the Young Adult small group met for the last time in our normal location.  The 6 week gathering will meet once more to celebrate Passover Seder together – exploring the spiritual practice of ritual. 

I’ll post the other spiritual practices when I’m at my work computer and can pull up the file, but for now I wanted to reflect on the Seder.  For the last 4 years some young adult friends (many from the church) and I have gathered in someone’s house to observe the meal that Jesus celebrated the night of his arrest.  I love this tradition.  I love getting to break out my Hebrew skills (which, sadly for those involved, were always much stronger in the translating than the pronouncing).  I love remembering what God has done in the life of God’s people.  I love explore such an ancient rite with those from a generation that is known for its lack of religious affiliation. 

If you’ve never observed a Seder, consider looking into it.  The church has several great resources (include the 30-Minute Seder for you busy families) and we’d be happy to loan them out.  Remembering that God has always been a God of wonderful impossibilities, a God who seeks life and freedom for God’s people, is a great way to spend an evening during Holy Week.

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