Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Survived

Well, it came and went and no great walls came crashing down.

I am now 29 years old.

I realize that for many of you that's still a babe in the woods and while I'm actually looking forward to my thirties, this 29 thing - on the edge but not quite there - has seemed a little weird to me. But, as I said on Sunday, it's been pretty great so far - so great in fact I may have another 29th birthday and year (or two).

For my birthday I headed out to Chicago to spend time with one of my dearest friends. On the big day we ate yummy so bad for you food, bowled, played laser tag (I'd never done that before - it was a blast!), laughed with friends, and of course, had cake.

All in all, one of the best birthdays I've had in the past few years. So thank you again, for the cards, the wishes, the understanding and patience when I've whined about turning 29. Let's do it again next year!


Sarah said...

Happy birthday/happy new year - albeit a tad late! Glad you had such a great visit.

Byron Wade said...

Happy Birthday to ya!! Glad you had a great one and hope the one with an "0" next year will be just as great!