Monday, January 26, 2009

Waving Shyly

So, yes, it has been awhile since I've updated this blog. Something about Advent and Christmas maybe. But enough with the excuses - on to the witty and brilliant insights.

*chirp, chirp*

Okay, well, I seem to be insightless today but I can share with you some excitement.

Some friends and I went to the Inauguration last week and I'm still all aglow. I wanted to go for the history of the moment - something to tell my kids/nieces and nephews about - but got something I didn't expect. I had no idea that with 2+ million people gathering, there would be such love expressed among strangers. All those people, all that stressful crowding and traveling at a crawl down streets, and everyone was so kind to one another. Sometimes you see the worst in humanity but I have to say, I think I saw some of the simplest best.

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