Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Success!

This weekend 9 senior high youth joined together to fight hunger. We played games, prayed for people, did a can drive scavenger hunt for the food pantry, reflected a lot, and didn't eat a darn thing for 30 hours. We talked about the people we were trying to help - sat in a circle of light until candle after candle was blown out, representing all those who day each day from hunger.

I don't know if I can convey with words how proud I am of these amazing young people or how honored am I to work with them.

Below are a few of their reflections on the experience.

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Andy Acton said...

Awesome! 15 of the MS and HS youth combined did the 30 Hour Famine at Colesville and had a meaningful experience. Two of them preached on Sunday and did a stellar job.
The canned food scavenger hunt is a great idea!
Colesville youth made a banner (that was later hung in the sanctuary) in which they put down a painted fingerprint for each child they fed for a day. The message at the top read: One fingerprint=One child fed for One more day.
And they made crosses out of popscicle sticks and put them on the front lawn of the church with a sign saying "1,208 children die each hour"

Like you said in your post, I'm blown away by Colesville's youth and all youth who get involved in the 30 Hour Famine.