Thursday, May 17, 2007

Contemplative Youth Ministry

I just finished (yes, it's taken me forever) Mark Yaconelli's Contemplative Youth Ministry. This book really spoke to me. Faith isn't just fun or dogma, it's an ongoing relationship. Leaders aren't program directors or instructors, they're more like spiritual directors, pointing to the presence of God. They're seekers, mentors. The program isn't what matters, the ways of prayer aren't what matter - what God is doing, that's what matters.

I highly recommend this book to all -- all those working with youth, all those who have teenagers, all those who want a fresh and spirit-filled perspective on ministry.


katie said...

i love love love this book. i've done 2 retreats with him, and he's just brilliant. and reassuring. :)

gavin richardson said...

it's a great book and some wonderful leanings towards a better way for youth ministry

1-4 Grace said...

Anyone had any expeirnce with teh companion book, Growing Souls also by Mark Yaconelli.
Just curious