Monday, October 30, 2006

Hola all. Still on vacation, having a wonderful and relaxing time. I've visited my grandparents and my sister Beth and am currently staying with a dear friend from seminary. This dear friend was ordained last night in a beautiful service at her home church. Much of her family was there, friends from our time together in Atlanta, friends from college and her home church - it was a wonderful celebration of God's call in her life and her response.

It probably will be no surprise to read that I cried. Not just a few dainty little tears. Snotty, possibly splotchy tears. Of course, I was in rather good company. Our Atlanta friends cried, her grandma and aunt cried, boyfriend's mom cried... I've been on the other side - been the one being ordained (a year ago this NOV 13!) and I cried a little then but nowhere as much as last night. To witness my dear friend acheive this dream of hers, to watch as God's call in her life was affirmed by so many, really hit home to me how our lives aren't about reaching goals or anything like that. It's about walking with God, enjoying the journey. My friend reached a "goal" but it's not like this is the end of anything (other than her having to deal with the various committees and exams she had to endure for ordination) but a scenic overlook stop on that journey. We took some pictures, enjoyed the moment, but it's not like now that she's ordained God's done walking with her. There's so much more ahead for her and I can't wait to see what she does, says, thinks... It's also a reminder to me that like my friend, I'm just walking (walking) walking in the light and enjoying the exercise.


Teri said...

your dear friend is excellent indeed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the ordination Teri!
Hope you're having a great vacation Amy!
Blessings to both of you. Hope all is well.

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