Thursday, September 28, 2006

well, isn't that special

I'm currently sitting at my favorite local coffee shop working on my sermon for next Sunday (note: not the one like 3 days away... I'm actually working in advance!). The text is Mark 10:13-16, the "let the little children come to me" passage. While you never can be sure until after you've preached the thing, I'm pretty sure the sermon is going to move away from the traditional intepretation of this passage - kids weren't worthy folk, too young to really matter, and so Jesus is proving that age is one of the many boundaries he will cross.

Good intepretation, but not where I'm going. Funny thing is, I opened up my sermon I preached the second Sunday last year, so exactly a year ago from this sermon, and I actually reference the Mark passage AND support the traditional interpretation.

Isn't it funny how the Spirit works?

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