Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Games, Glorious Games!

I love studying the Bible (most of you should know that by now!) but sometimes it's just nice to take a break and play. Tonight we took a break from our regularly scheduled Kerygma and had a game night instead. Thanks to Steve H and Nancy D, we also had wonderful balloon animals and lovely painted faces (which, sadly, I didn't get to).

I had a great time tonight playing Jenga, watching those braver than I try their hand at "Killer Bunnies," and listening to all the giggling (from kids and adults!). It reminded me of when my family would get together every Sunday night and just play. Sometimes we'd play cards, sometimes Monopoly, a few occasions we tried to make Mousetrap work. Those are some of my favorite memories, gathering as a family and playing. It was just so wonderful tonight, after supper, to gather around tables and play a variety of games, to join together as a family in Christ. We worship together, serve together, eat together - it was nice to play together. Let's do it again sometime soon!


jo(e) said...

I love the photo!

Sometimes it is nice to just relax and have fun and be silly.

Teri said...

is the room you're in yellow or lime gree or something? what a strange color.

nice hat.