Friday, January 06, 2006

and in the same manner...

My sister Dawn just sent me the pictures she took of my ordination. I thought I'd post this one - my first time serving communion! I'm not getting a very good pour because I'm left-handed and the pitcher was set at the right hand - I was afraid I'd spill juice everywhere if I went for the big one.

After several months and several times serving communion, it was a pleasant treat to receive a picture of my first time presiding at the Table. I'm no longer anywhere near as nervous and we're working on that left vs right handed pitcher thing!


Lorna said...

wonderful! Blessings on you as you serve God in this beautiful way.

I'd never thought about left v right hand serving

and was fascinated by the tiny chalice and the trays of what I suppose are full of little glasses of wine ... what do you do with the wine in the chalice - how do you (in practice) consecrate all those trays

our UMC church is very untraditional - we moved to those little cups in trays about 1.5 years ago instead of sharing one cup (it's rare to use the dip your bread in the cup method here) but we only need one and a half trays (60 cups or so) and I find it a bit irritating to fill all the cups and am never quite sure what to do with the ones that are left over at the end.

I KNOW the Anglican (RC) position on this - but it's not very clear in the UMC - and I'm only a local preacher and not the pastor yet, lots to learn - like the left v right hand thing

blessings :)

LutheranChik said...

Congratulations on your ordination!

Mary Beth said...

It's great to see this! Hooray!

Andy said...

would a newly ordained woman be interested in serving as a workshop director at Massanetta this summer?
I think she would... :)
email me: