Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lights, Camera, Action!

Here are a few images from this weekend.

This is me right before the service starts. I'm wearing the robe my Nana and Grandpa got for me as a graduation present. My sister Dawn is on the other end of the camera making faces.

These are cupcakes Emily and Rachel Eller made for me (if you can't read it, they spell out: Congratulations Amy). Sweet treats from sweet girls!

This is me (my back's to the camera) cooking in my kitchen with my sister Beth and my aunt Jackie. See that pumpkin pie Beth is cutting - Jackie gave what was left to my sister Neli when she left. The outrage! My pumpkin pie, how I mourn your loss.


Teri said...

amy, O my goodness, your kitchen is so beautiful!!!!!!!! is there a coffee shop or bookstore or something so i can come live with you while i look for a call? i love your kitchen. love it. oh, and...you too! congratulations, minister girl! :-)

Songbird said...

What a great picture of you!
Many blessings on your ministry, Amy.

Amy said...

Thanks Amy!

Ter, there's a coffee shop 1/2 block away from me, one 1 1/2 blocks and one about 3 books. Oh, and two book stores 2 blocks away. (and we're talking small city blocks, not Chicago blocks). Oh, and I just got a kitty who could definitely use someone else to play with!

noell said...

me to?!?!?

nieces said...
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