Monday, October 31, 2005

Go Google Yourself

Have you ever tried googling yourself? It seems to me to be a 21st century version of "this is your life." When you google yourself, or yahoo yourself, or *insert favorite search engine here* yourself, you get to see what about you is floating around in the cyber space. If you disappeared off the planet tomorrow, taking with you all paper records and such, this would be what was left to remember you by.

When I googled myself, I found that every single link where my name came up had something to do with religion. Either it was something from St. Andrews, the church I interned at, something from seminary, from the presbyterian group I belonged to in college, or something from General Assembly when I was a Youth Advisory Delegate (in fact, the very first link that popped up was my YAD profile which included perhaps the worst picture taken of me ever - don't give into temptation and look unless you're looking for a Halloween scare!).

My first thought was "sheesh, I need to get more of a life." All people will know me for is what I do in the church or church-related organizations... what about my academic prowess, or my devotion to music, or my ability to host a good shinding, or my love of reading, or my general joyful (and sometimes silly) way of being? What about these things, huh?

Well, Amy, you may certainly say, it's not as though Google is the end all and be all of your existence - even if you and all physical traces of you were disappeared off this earth, we'll stick around to tell about your obsession with music and your occasional smarty pants moment, and definintely your enthusiastic self. That's one of the great things about friends and family - they'll remember you and all that made you - even the things you wish they wouldn't!

Still, even if all that was left of me were these googled links, I suppose it wouldn't be so bad. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches and one could do worse than be remembered for her work for and love of God.


casey said...

see, there's a golfer at PC named Casey Thompson so I can't go and do that.

And it is all about the camel dance.

Amy said...

sniff, poor, poor Casey.

And no, it's not... sometimes it's about the numa numa.

casey said...

okay, I'm ignorant. what's the numa numa.

pneuma pneuma?

Amy said...

Ack, Casey, I hope you still read this - the numa numa, pneuma, pneuma, however you want to spell it, is the name (at least that we called it at Massanetta) of the energizer that debuted this summer... it's ridiculously silly and lots of fun.